Big things are coming to IAAP!  Here’s what CEO, Jay Donahue, reported to the Association:

  • At Louisville 2015, there will be an all day Leadership Academy, to be followed by an additional 12 weeks of training.
  • Volunteers to working groups will be chosen from the Volunteer form, if you want to help, submit your form.
  • Computer based Certification Tests will be offered starting spring 2015.
  • The CAP Review Guide is being revamped through a grant from the Foundation, and will be deliverable through different media.
  • On-demand education including Webinar Wednesday’s and the Web Portal – both offering recertification points.
  • The opportunity for members to access all webinars in the library for only $299.
  • The IAAP TEC Conference is going on the road.
    • February 2015 – Clearwater, Florida
    • March 2015 – Austin, Texas
    • April 2015 – La Hoya, California
  • The
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The influencers session was amazing! First, Nigel McPherson, Jr. spoke to us and got us excited about the new changes that will be coming and how we can be a part of that change. As he said, without change there can be no progress. Information was shared and questions asked and answered. More information will be coming in the next weeks and months to clarify and help us all understand the changes and how this will help iaap and its members grow and become better and stronger. With 29 branches, branch advisors, local area networks and special interest forums there will be many opportunities to volunteer, lead a group and learn from our colleagues. Unity and solidarity are the new byword here. "When planning for a year, plant corn. When planning for a decade, plant trees. When planning for life, train and educate people." Chinese Proverb
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We are searching for an Awards Luncheon Ticket and a Banquet Ticket.  Please let me know if there is any that we can have.


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Did you know that there is an on-line piece to the Silent Auction this year?   Not going to EFAM?  Have a boss, neighbor or co-worker that would love a great trip AND support the Foundation?  Now you can!!! 

The on-line Silent Auction has new items that have been added -- be sure to check them out!

Going to EFAM -- be sure to stop by the Silent Auction Room -- there are currently almost 100 items registered for this event!  Don't miss out on some wonderful items and help support The Foundation of IAAP!

Be sure to send along the link and use social media to get the word out!

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As my new photo says:
Growth is Painful        Change is Painful
But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong.

Two weeks ago I received my renewal notice and I deleted it immediately.  You see, the new IAAP is not a place that I belong.  So, I will not be renewing.

I am not a 'remote viewer' or an on-line participant.  I am a 1:1 in person meeting networking, face-to-face learner with kinesthetic style, and a person with a love of teaching, speaking and presenting which has been enhanced by my membership these 39 years in this organization both at chapters, division, and International levels.

This new organization in form and structure is supposedly to work best for the computer generation.  I spend a great deal of time on the computer, as I did when I was working so I do at home working on Toastmasters, genealogy and other pursuits.  I keep in contact somewhat with people but most of them are not 'here' where I can have tea or coffee on an ongoing basis.  Some of them are in Alaska, California, Nevada, Arizona, Canada and Jamaica.  Many of these folks I will never see again unless I travel to where they are; some of them are no longer members of this association, either.

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Congratulations and thank you to all our membership and those who obtained their Member of Excellence. 

A special thanks to Barbara Mathews who took the lead and reminded us every month of where we were and what we needed to do to accomplish the COE and individually to achieve the MOE. 

 The 2013-2014 MOE’s are as follows:  Amy Sieracki, CAP, Deborah Franklin, Barbara Mathews, Nancy Galligan, Maureen Kirchmyer, CAP-OM, Debra Prautzsch, CAP-OM, Diane Karosik and Michele Maybach.

Each one of these individuals stepped up and made a commitment and they made a difference!  We're talking proud Buffalo!

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Just wanted to let students who are sitting for the March 2015 certification exams know that I will be leading CAP and OM online study groups beginning in mid to late October. 
I'll have final details after EFAM.

If any of my prior students would like to chime in as to what it was like to do a study group with me, feel free to do so. :)

Contact me by email at if you would like more information.
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Melanie Loughmiller, CAP-OM
Emily Arrowsmith, CAP-OM
Christina Fisch, CAP-OM
Lorrie Jordheim, CAP
Patti Layou
Sandra Thompson, CAP
Leslie Adkins, CAP-OM
Angela Amaya
Becky Ferguson
Marcia Jenkins
Lake Washington East
Lori Bodesheimer
Georgette Kammer
Linda Lane, CAP-OM
Lynanne Lewis, CAP-OM
Shelby McClure
Trisha Moore
Jacqueline Petrick, CAP
Christine Rees, CAP-OM
Helen Ross, CAP-OM
Winona Salisbury, CAP
Diana Wilson
Mount Rainier
Carroll Ferguson, CAP-OM
Lila Licens, CAP-OM
E. Tina Piety
Ann Piraino, CAP
Shihpei Stevenson, CAP-OM
Angie Struttmann
Ellen Callahan, CAP-OM
Gail Dugan
Brianna Edwards, CAP-OM
Allison Glinka, CAP-OM
Julie Iszley, CAP
Linda Tavernarakis, CAP
Tammy VanAntwerp, CAP-OM

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Congratulations to Viola Williams CAP-OM, Florida Division Member at Large who attained Member of Excellene 2013-2014.

Margaret Chuckaree
Members at Large
Florida Division
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LimoLink International will be represented once again at the EFAM MarketPlace event in just a few weeks!  Please stop by booth #307, bring your business cards for a give away, and see what's new at LimoLink!
Excited to see familiar faces and meet new ones as well!
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You are invited to attend the Thursday, July 10, Cutting Edge program, "The Admin & The iPad," presented by Andie Mewbourn, CAP-OM.

This program will detail the use of the iPad to increase productivity, manage and increase efficiency of information distribution, records management, communication, and organization and planning. Topics covered will include using the iPad for:
• Tracking emails
• Tracking calendars
• Productivity
• Data Exchange & Document Viewing
• Note Taking and Document management
• Communication and Collaboration
• Remote Desktop applications
• Expense tracking
• Project Management
• Inventory Control
• Event Planning
• Networking
This program is approved for one recertification point!

Register at
We hope to see you on Thursday, July 10, at 8:00 pm ET!
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"I am personally convinced that one person can be a change catalyst, a 'transformer' in any situation; any organization.  It takes vision, initiative, patience, respect, persistence, courage, and faith to be a transforming leader." – Steven Covey, author, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. (Submitted by Dewoun Hayes, VIP chapter installation, June 12, 2014.)

Thank you Dewoun for providing the exact, right message for my final president’s message.

As I write, my mind is flooded with all the great experiences, both created and unexpected, that occurred during my term. How fortunate I am to have led with an outstanding board of directors – Toni, Wendy, Kristi, Dortha, Karlena, Kelly, Dawn, Sue, Sharon, Lisa, and Jenny. Good leaders all, we didn’t always agree; however, whatever the final decision, we always demonstrated “one face; one voice.”  I know first-hand that the future of IAAP is in the capable hands of dedicated and passionate current and future leaders.

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In fall 2013, I was able to take an early retirement from Gateway Technical College and after suffering through the long brutal winter of 2013-14, I finally sold my condo in Racine in April.  The end of May, I moved south to warm (hot), sunny Florida.

I have a guest bedroom and I'd love to see any of my IAAP friends and acquaintances.
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Anyone else feel like it’s only been a month since Christmas, and not six? One of the supervisors I support asked me to help him find a conference room for a meeting next week. While I was looking, he said, “I can’t believe it’s July already.” Indeed!

But this is the time when the clock and calendar seem to slow to a crawl. Why? It’s about EFAM time! I got to the office this morning and read my daily digest of e-Group postings, and saw that the EFAM app was available. I quickly went to add it to my phone. It’s really a website as opposed to an app. Whatever you want to call it, it is another sign that it’s nearing time to head to Milwaukee. It’s been 4 LONG years since my last EFAM, and I’m itching to get there. I have chosen the education classes I prefer, as well as marking all the business sessions and other items. Even though I have the app, I put everything I plan to do on my work Outlook calendar, in the hopes that while I’m gone, my boss will take a peek at my calendar to see what I’m up to, and be impressed with what he sees.

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Congratulations to the newly installed SWCT Chapter Board for 2014-2015.  The installation took place at the June 17th meeting in Norwalk.  The new board will be:  Martha Zenner, President; Leah Liptak, Vice President; Carmen Roldan, CAP-OM Treasurer and Peggy Ficano, Secretary.

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Dear Friends,

There was a while before talk of the revitalization I had seriously considered letting my membership lapse. However, if you know me at all, you know that I don't give up, I dig in. When I am passionate about something, I give it 100+% and I am EXTREMELY passionate about the IAAP.

I've been reading the postings, but not responding, partly waiting for the revitalization furor to die down. Not because I didn't have anything to say/contribute or an opinion to state; but because I wanted to wait to figure out a way to prove my support of the association that has given me so much leadership training, administrative expertise, mentoring and friendships.

The goal of the Amazing Ride is to raise $60,000 and it can be done with OUR help! I truly believe in what IAAP stands for and am willing to do what it takes to give other administrative professionals the chance to gain even a little of the leadership skills, friendships, mentoring and training that you can only receive from attending events like EFAM.

I thought that my best way to not only "talk the talk, but walk the walk," would be to enter the Amazing Ride fundraiser. So I've entered and now I truly need your support during these last 

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We arrived back home in Arkansas yesterday after a full two and half days of education, networking, recognition, remembrance, and friendship during the last ever Arkansas-Oklahoma Division Annual Meeting in Catoosa, Oklahoma at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

First of all, THANK YOU, to the Tulsa Chapter for all your hard work and dedication to make this meeting a huge success. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? I don’t think anyone complained about anything except, of course, those that lost a few dollars in the slot machines.

We were honored to have Secretary Kristi Rotvold, CAP-OM, of the Red River Chapter of Fargo, ND present to give us an update on the organizational  changes and answer our many questions. It was a pleasure to hear the optimism from our chapter leaders and the enthusiasm for the new leadership opportunities for IAAP members. Several members have been involved in the focus groups and will attend EFAM to learn more. Our final meeting as a division will be held in June 2015 in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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I gave these study classes, and if you use only the new study materials (not Prentiss-Hall but the new series) you will not need any other resources.  One of the ladies who took my classes and only used the study materials passed her test the first time.
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To those members who will be attending EFAM 2014 in Milwaukee - an interest has been expressed for a group photo of the Government Employees who will be attending.  Unfortunately I will not be attending this event this year.  If someone would like to coordinate this effort a notice can be posted to message boards to schedule the photo.
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Why I became a member of IAAP

Are you thinking about becoming a member of IAAP, but don’t think it is for you, well I felt the same way eight years ago. 

Being a member of IAAP and going to the North Star Chapter meetings every month has enhanced my skills and knowledge extremely as an Administrative Professional.  The networking and the educational speakers have been beneficial for my career.  I share with my colleges, peers, and bosses what I learn at the meetings.  Several of my peers have joined me at the meetings and have joined IAAP as well.  My yearly performance review always shines with the note that I am an active member of a professional organization and continuing education.

I received my CAP certification in 2006.  I have maintained my certification by attending meetings, conferences, and other administrative duties I do on a daily basis.  I strongly suggest getting the certification – it is a high accomplishment that means a lot to me.

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